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In the first nine months of this year, 103 sworn employees and 121 civilian employees have left the Department. The majority of those leaving are doing so to seek better paying employment in other local, state and federal agencies. Since the Governor’s announcement regarding revenue shortfalls, resignations among both sworn and civilian staff have escalated..

Because Crosby doesn have to worry about getting knocked around so much anymore. Don get him wrong, the game has never been faster. The players have never been bigger and he never drawn more attention.. It’s often easier to approach gift giving as a group decision. If members of your work team pitch in to buy the boss a gift, it can feel less awkward. If finances are an issue, combining your contribution with those of coworkers can be the way to go, but don’t pressure colleagues into giving the same amount.

14. TUNA AND CAPERS. In a large saute pan, heat 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil over low heat. Now, we don’t show it because of our big reserves. But I’ll tell you Saudi Arabia and Russia are in bed together here. And both are being hurt simultaneously.

The definition of binge drinking also may redefine the problem. According to Arbor Place in Menomonie, four to five drinks at one sitting is binge drinking. However, Arbor Place’s statistical data of binge drinking does not define a «sitting.» If you were at a picnic and had Discount football Jerseys four to five drinks over an eight hour day, you’re still a binge drinker, according to Arbor Place..

This Wednesday, Oct. A growing number of electric vehicle owners are powering their cars with solar energy from panels on their homes. While the panels and the cars aren t cheap, advocates say the investment pays off over time and is worth it for the thrill of fossil fuel free driving.

One of the city’s most picturesque and popular outdoor gathering spots come summer, a visit to the 79th Street Boat Basin is one big loud, friendly barbecue for both tourists and hoity toity folks who like to play at being hoi polloi. Dozens of makeshift tables with checkerboard cloths are parked right beside open grills, where the staff serves decent burgers and dogs in perpetuity. Speaking of dogs, the site is pet friendly, but patrons who own noisy pooches with impulse control issues (especially around human food) should probably keep Fido at home.

Ethiopian food is always a bargain. Selam is not only cheap, but uncommonly delicious. The vegetarian options are particularly good. Importantly, the state could build a high speed rail line to connect OKC and Tulsa for about a third of what it cost to add two lanes to the turnpike. My daughter lives in China and uses high speed rail frequently. She raves about it.