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«Many companies are giving out stipends to users for devices and apps,» he said. «But now they have to make sure those stipends are being used for work. They don’t employees to go on vacation and use that stipend money for things that are not work related.

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The flaggers along the University of Colorado A Line don come cheap. The price tag to man the 11 at grade crossings along the 23 mile train route out to Denver International Airport since it opened a year ago: nearly $6 million and counting, according to calculations made by The Denver Post.That cost, while not borne by taxpayers but rather by the private consortium that teamed up with the Regional Transportation District to build and operate the $1.2 billion line connecting downtown Denver to DIA, is perhaps the most visible and vexing sign that the state pre eminent transit project has had a far rockier rollout than many had hoped.Aside from multiple delays and service interruptions throughout the first year of operations on the A Line the first commuter rail line to be built in Colorado problems at the crossings have had the biggest ripple effect. As long as hang ups persist with the timing of the gates that stop motorists from driving onto the tracks, there can be no progress on opening the G Line to the western suburbs.That line, first set to open last fall, is designed to employ the same crossing technology as the A hasn gone as everybody planned, said Lorraine Anderson, an RTD board director who represents the Arvada area.Joe Amon, The Denver PostCrossing guard Cecil Swan with Rocky Mountain Flagging manning his post along the University of Colorado A Line in Aurora on March 17, 2017.Andrew Goetz, a professor of geography at the University of Denver who specializes in transportation and transit systems, said the A Line first year glitches could spell trouble for RTD as a whole if not addressed in short order.boggles my mind that they haven been able to figure cheap football jerseys it out, he said.