The qualitative analysis includes

The qualitative analysis includes an analysis of expert opinions collected through elite interviews using semi structured questionnaires. All these are structured to obtain the opinions of 20 participants regarding the trends and developments of the petrochemical industry and the related policies undertaken by the government. The quantitative analysis includes collecting secondary data for exports and imports of products of the industry along with relevant secondary data analysis of some of the leading petrochemical companies.

There are plenty of footy related rips I could insert in here off the top of my head, the AFL Record doubling in price for finals, Chicken Treat being more expensive than the outside world (it’s like the anti airport) and that little scam they’ve got going where they charge for beer trays without you realising. But the one that really sticks in my craw is the price of baked potatoes at Subiaco Oval (I refuse to mention sponsor names when this kind of outrage is happening). Minced beef), cheese and sour cream or, even worse, $10 for one filled only with cheese and sour cream?.

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AUSTIN (KXAN) If you prefer to get around on two wheels, you can check out the University of Texas Summer Bike Auction now in its 10th year. There are 180 bikes up for sale on the fifth floor of the Trinity Garage located at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Trinity Street on campus, and the bids are all starting at just $5..

I think our team is capable and talented. I recognize that they did not play as well as they’re capable. I think there’s a lot of factors that go into that, one of which is there was a couple of guys nicked here and a couple of guys nicked there, and very possibly we didn’t get their best performance, but they performed, and they performed hard.

Airlines use sophisticated computer programs to analyze booking trends and constantly change prices to get the most money out of each flight. That why two passengers in the same row might have paid vastly different fares, depending on when they booked. Complicating matters is a bevy of fees added to help the airlines offset higher jet fuel prices.